Terms and Conditions


A key mission of Skillers Zone is to help people learn to live a better life. Students and instructors in any location can create and share education content (instructors), and access that content to learn (students). Market models are often considered to be the most successful method to offer our users valuable educational content. Keeping our services, platform and students and instructors safe is important to us, you, and our community. Please read the following terms carefully. They govern all of your activities in reference to the Skillers Zone website, APIs, and other related services ("Services"). Additionally, you must agree to the Instructor Terms in order to publish content on the Skillers Zone platform.

Our platform requires an account in order to perform most functions, including purchasing and accessing content and submitting content. You must provide accurate and complete information to set up and maintain your account, which includes a valid email address. The conduct of anyone using your account without your permission will cause harm or damage (to us or to anyone else). You are responsible for all activities on your account and for all harm caused thereby. Passwords are very important, so make sure to keep them safe. The account you have cannot be transferred or used by another person. Unless you provide us with the documentation to prove that you are the account owner, we will not allow you access to an account if you contact us to request access. A closed account is created if a user passes away.

Access to Lifetime Content with Content Enrollment

As a condition of giving Skillers Zone a license to permit students to access their content, instructors grant us permission to offer that license to students. This means we are authorized to license content to our students. Students are licensed to access course material via Skillers Zone as students enrolled in courses or other content, regardless of price, as Skillerszone is the content supplier. You do not own the content, but instead license it to yourself. Any resale of the content (which includes giving the account information to a buyer or sharing it illegally with pirate sites) is not permitted.


If Skillers Zone grants you a legal, more comprehensive license, it means that (as a student) you have been licensed to access and view that content, solely for your own, non-commercial, educational benefit, and subject to any conditions or restrictions associated with that content or feature. It is expressly prohibited to use this material for any other purpose. Content may not be reproduced, redistributed, transmitted, assigned, sold, broadcast, rented, shared, lent, modified, adapted, edited or otherwise transferred and used by you without our explicit permission in a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of Skillers Zone. We provide you with access to our content via our APIs as well


There is the possibility that our platform might be down, either due to scheduled maintenance or due to some issue with the site. Occasionally, one of our instructors may present content that contains misleading statements. Security issues may also arise from time to time. Examples like these aren't exhaustive. In any instance where things do not work out as expected, you agree not to take legal action against us.

Updating These Terms

Skillers Zone reserves the right to modify and/or change these Terms at any time to reflect changes in practices or when the Company adds new features (such as when introducing a new feature). By sending an email to your specified email address or posting a notice on our Website, we will notify you of any material changes we make. If not otherwise stated, changes become effective upon posting.

How to Contact Us

Contacting our support team is the best way to reach us. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our services, please contact us. It was a pleasure to learn from you as well as teach!