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How to Become a Teacher

Skillers Zone gives you the opportunity to teach what you love or what you know.

Feel free to choose any topic you like

Skillers Zone lets you teach whatever topic you wish. With a few exceptions. The following are listed:

  • Courses about the use of drugs (such as cannabis).
  • Techniques for cracking access to software.
  • Techniques, techniques, techniques for seduction.
  • Instructions for finding coupons and cheat codes.
  • Deceptive marketing tactics.

Instructors’ payments are as follows:

A.     The instructors will be paid for signing up for a course. Scripts and experience of course instructors would determine how much money is needed.

B.     Revenue share is the method of paying instructors. From the course price, the Skills Zone pays up to 30% in sales commission.

Getting started requires approval:

Skillers Zone authority should review the course script submitted by the instructor.

Type of courses:

  • Paid courses – Revenue shares are paid by the Authority.
  • Free courses – For one fee, the Authority will buy the full course from the instructor.

Payment mode:

Weekly via Bank / Bkash.   

This is the structure of a Skillers Zone course:

Video is the standard method of instruction for Skillers Zone. Videos and lectures must be at least 50 minutes long and there must be at least 5 presentations or learning modules for a course to qualify. To enhance the learning experience for students, you can add more teaching tools (like assignments, quizzes, and coding exercises).

Instructors can also create a Practice Test course for courses regarding certification preparation.

What is the best way to submit course materials on Skillers Zone?

Skillers Zone is primarily a video-based platform, so all video files must be submitted directly to Skillers Zone authority via Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and other file storage tools. All lectures for your course must be available to students through the Skillers Zone.

Is it possible to sell courses on another platform?

The same material / courses cannot be sold to other platforms / individuals.

Course promotion:

The website and courses of Skills Zone will be promoted. Additionally, instructors can be permitted to market their courses and boost commissions.

Course language:

Depending on the courses you are going to offer, the language of the courses will vary.

Instructors dashboard:

A separate dashboard should be provided to the instructors so that they can create, submit course materials, and view stats about course sales and payments.

Rules and Guidelines:

As a result of minimal standards for approval, Skillers Zone courses are guaranteed to provide a consistent student experience. If you submit your course for review, the Quality Review Team will assist you in getting your course approved. Any instructors who violate these standards will be required to re-review their courses.


What is valuable educational content?

The course material you provide on Skillers Zone should be designed for student learning, not for personal promotion.

The course material consists of the following:

  • Section/lecture titles
  • Videos or other lecture types
  • Resources
  • Quizzes

Courses may be created, developed, taught or managed by multiple instructors.

Course Material Guidelines:

It is imperative that you pay attention to quality when you are writing the course script so that your students can learn from the course.

  • You may only include information relevant to the subject of the course if the course material meets our quality guidelines.
  • The content of a course should not be duplicated in another course on the market. Ensure that the content of your courses does not overlap.
  • Linking to paid content outside Skillers Zone is not allowed. There is only one exception, which is when you provide access to a tool or product that is a part of the course requirements, which are stated on the course landing page.
  • Students’ personal information may not be posted.
  • You cannot include the urls of your social networking profiles or contact numbers in the course.
  • Linking to affiliates is not permitted.
  • Skillers Zone courses may not be referred to with coupon codes, links or promotions.
  • The following information can help you determine where you should place an external link that asks students for money or personal information in your course. 
  • Skillers Zone may consider an instructor to be in violation of our policies when they clearly go against the spirit of our policies or if they clearly negatively impact the student experience (high unsubscribe or refund rates).

One to one session:

We will share the commission with our registered course providers who provide a one-to-one session for students.

Policy violation:

Ban → All course materials and accounts are permanently barred from the platform, and we will take legal action against them.

Questions and Answers: Rules and Guidelines:

  • DON’T discourage your students from interacting with one another.
  • Be polite and timely when answering questions.
  • Be kind, respectful, and don’t be aggressive.
  • It’s not permitted to use the Q&A for marketing purposes; never post coupon codes, external links, links to other courses, or make a reference to other courses as part of the Q&A.
  • A student’s personal information should never be requested or posted.
  • If students ask for contact information from you, DO NOT give it to them. If necessary, contact information should be obtained from the Skillers Zone authority.
  • The minimum course requirements checklist
  • Check out the checklist below for the minimum standards your course needs to meet in order to be posted on Skillers Zone.
  • Video content of at least 50 minutes
  • Including 5 separate lectures
  • With excellent academic content
  • HD video quality (720p or 1080p)
  • High resolution audio with synced video
  • An audio quality that is not distracting to students
  • A completed course landing page
    • Featuring an image representative of the Skillers Zone brand
    • A course title and subtitle that includes relevant keywords
    • Description of the course 
    • The target student section must be completed
    • In full and show a picture of the instructor

Note: Before Submit the request please add your details like name and email address on the profile setting option. 

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